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Respect Jo Self!

I was watching House Hunters International the other day, and the client’s name was Jo Self. My mom and I went back and forth with jokes like “Respect jo self!” and “Treat jo self right!”

Haha, the most amusing thing on that show lately .


Gaze upon these beauties because its taken me 4 attempts and disappointments to get here! You would not believe how hard it is to find a recipe not measured in grams, and how much research it took to find all the little tips and tricks that go into these little sandwich cookies. But i’m so so happy i was finally able to get perfect looking macarons that were full, flat-topped, and had feet*. Its a little lame to admit, but i got a little misty-eyed after i put one together just due to the sheer effort I put into  baking them.

Apparently, you aren’t even supposed to color macaroons blue, but I threw caution to the wind on the details with this one and decided to have a little fun with it :)And because i don’t really care for how sweet the cookies can be, I combined ground pistachios and bittersweet chocolate for the filling to balance out the flavors.

So ta-da! My last attempt to conquer the hardest french pastry and that too during my last week of summer; a great way to start what should be a tough school year if i do say so myself :)

*side note: sounds strange, but the “foot” of the cookie is the crumbly-ish part at the bottom haha

yeah! so glad they turned out amazingly! i totally “made” those. chopping pistachios and melting chocolate :3


Some Carrot Cupcakes I made to thank a friend who lent me pretty much everything I need for my new kitchen! 

I went a little literal this time and made some fondant carrots :) I was worried it’d look tacky, but I  kinda love how they turned out

i totally made the best-looking carrots in those pictures

suuper late, but my sister and i made a cake for my girl scout troop! mocha cake with ganache. im salivating just thinking about it ):